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Who are Nasty Gal?

Nasty Gal started in a tiny San Francisco apartment stacked with killer vintage, a single laptop and an eBay account. Thirteen years later, we’ve outgrown that apartment, moved to LA, and today we’re bigger and better than ever. We now carry new clothing, shoes and accessories under our own label–all for gals who know how to own it, and have the confidence to just be themselves.

Nasty Gal Gift Card Glitter Clothing

Nasty Gal Gift Card Red Clothing

Why Nasty Gal?

A Nasty Gal gift card is a stellar way to reward your employees, improving both motivation and engagement throughout your business. A win win if you ask us.

Recruiting and retaining customers is crucial aspect of the success of your business. Nasty Gal offers a simple, yet effective way to connect your customers to your business and protect the relationship you've built with them.

Customers are super important! Why not use a Nasty Gal gift card to incentivise, engage and boost your customer loyalty?

Gifting season doesn’t just stop at Christmas. Score. Utilise Nasty Gal as your go to for work anniversaries, birthdays, and whatever else you feel like celebrating.


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